Poziv na sudjelovanje - Break 2. 2 Festival

vrijeme: 27.01.2003. - 27.01.2003.
mjesto: Ljubljana, Slovenija
organizator: Zavod K6/4, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Od 17. do 28. srpnja u Sloveniji će se održati međunarodni multimedijalni projekt Break 2. 2 Festival. Organizatori pozivaju na sudjelovanje.
BREAK 2.2 FESTIVAL- Call for applications Application deadline: February 15, 2003 Break 2.2 Festival (previously called Break 21 Festival) is an international art festival that presents young emerging artists with orientation towards urban, technologically supported arts and intermedia artistic practices that are perceived as current avantgarde. It will also present some special guests (world-acclaimed artists) with the aim of establishing an innovative dialogue with the young emerging artists. An important component of the festival is also the symposium with lectures by invited artists and scientists from different fields on the chosen theme. The festival is organised by Zavod K6/4, non-profit cultural institution from Ljubljana, Slovenia, that produces, organises and promotes contemporary creativity. Each year, the festival presents a specific theme which we find important but not adequately discussed in our society. The one chosen for! the up-coming festival is "Invisible Threat". Categories of the festival are: visual arts (comics, graphic prints, digital prints, photographs, interactive works, visual communication - "subvertising", computer-assisted art - from web art to robotics); performing arts; intermedia arts; moving pictures (films of all categories: documentaries, fiction, video art, animated films, experimental films, short films); music and sound (concerts, sound installations and intermedia performances in which sound holds the priority); architecture; applied arts; and culinary arts. Forms of presentation include 2D exhibitions, installations and ambients, performances, actions, concerts and sound installations, fashion shows, lectures, round tables, projections and food preparation. More information: info@break-festival.org