Izložba "TIK TAK TOK "

vrijeme: 15.02.2002. - 10.03.2002.
mjesto: The University of Dundees Visual Research Centre,Scotland
organizator: The Contemporary Art Center Skopje ;The University of Dundees Visual Research Centre

The University of Dundees Visual Research Centre i the Contemporary Arts Center - Skopje Vas pozivaju na otvorenje izložbe "TIK TAK TOK" 15. veljače u 18:30 h. Izložba "TIK TAK TOK" je produkt međunarodne inter-disciplinarne suradnje između umjetnika, dizajnera, filozofa i studenata iz Dundee (Škotska) i Skopja(Republika Makedonija)..
The University of Dundees Visual Research Centre and the Contemporary Arts Center - Skopje cordially invite you to attend the opening of the exhibition TIK TAK TOK Official Opening: 15 February 2002. at 18:30 hrs Opening for General Public: 16 February 2002 at 20:00 hrs. at The University of Dundees Visual Research Centre Exhibition open until March 10, 2002. An international inter-disciplinary collaboration between Artists, Designers, Writers, Philosophers and Students from Dundee (Scotland) and Skopje (Republic of Macedonia). Organized by: The Contemporary Art Center Skopje and The University of Dundees Visual Research Centre Coordinators of the project: Babs McCool and Melentie Pandilovski Original Concept: Lei Cox Co - Curators: Lei Cox & Kevin Henderson Technical Coordinator: Nikola Pisarev TIK TAK TOK consists of two exhibitions of artists clocks and time machines. The first show took place in the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia in the period December 13 - 20, 2000. http://www.cac.org.mk/tiktaktok/ The second exhibition will be opened for the general audience on February 16th and will be up until March 10, 2002. at The University of Dundees Visual Research Centre. In TIK TAK TOK, the artists create artworks around ideas associated with counting time. The works are mechanical, electronic, drawn, performed, sculpted and theoretical. They tell the time of day or they may present their own time. The idea of a clock entails others, and other people - a gathering, a meeting of strangers, or the desire for such: a thing (object) by which one arranges and records arrivals and departures, by which one measures presence and absence. Wherever anything lives, anything at all, there is open somewhere a register in which time, its time is being inscribed. Names of participants: Lei Cox (Scotland): Video-installation Artist, Musician and Lecturer The Applause / The Conductor Oliver Musovik (MK): Graphic Artist - All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (Video) - Dzombometar (plotter print) Paul Dignan (Scotland): Painter, Video-installation Artist, Lecturer 6500macamericanwallceefaxchromeradiodiverdollfujicentralheatingimacdutchchildmicrowavenokiaseikotimexaiwawh Dejan Spasovik (MK), Installation, Video and Sound Artist APPROXIMATI(ME)ON, installation Waiting Wasting, installation Nikola Velkov (MK): Net Artist - ROOSTER (Sound Installation) - Timeless Cube (Sound Installation) K. Henderson (Scotland): Performance-orientated Artist, Writer and Lecturer. L(cl)ocked Listening-In To Skopje Atlas (Performance work) Iskra Dimitrova (MK) Installation Artist - Clocks and Bodies, digital video -UNTITLED, digital video Steve Flack (Scotland): Multimedia Artist, Producer and Lecturer Time Piece Aleksandar Zdravkovski (MK) : System Artist and Producer - Time - Illusion of the Reality (plotter print) - Archimediala Transformance, digital video Stefan Saskov (MK): Installation and Video Artist - 1h OUR Sat-chit-ananda (existance-consciousness-bliss) - NOW (Plotter print) TUESDAY19 FEBRUARY 2002 - PRESENTATIONS OF MACEDONIAN ART at The University of Dundees Visual Research Centre PRESENTERS: Nikola Pisarev, Aleksandar Zdravkovski, Oliver Musovik, Stefan Saskov, Nikola Velkov, Dejan Spasovik Melentie Pandilovski Director Contemporary Arts Center - Skopje Orce Nikolov 109, 1000 Skopje Republic of Macedonia Tel/Fax: +389.2.133.541 Tel/Fax: +389.2.214.495 Mobile: +389.70.217.075 http://www.scca.org.mk