Poziv na sudjelovanje - umjetnička kolonija stART

vrijeme: 22.05.2003. - 29.06.2003.
mjesto: Split, Hrvatska

Ljetna umjetnička kolonija u Splitu obuhvaća 3 radionice – slikarstvo, kiparstvo, gluma - sa stručnim vodstvom u razdoblju od 10. do 30. kolovoza. Glani je cilj poticanje suradnje s mladim splitskim umjetnicima kao i različitih aktivnosti u samom gradu (instalacije, performansi). Rezultati radionica bit će prezentirani na međunarodnom umjetničkom festivalu Creative Chaos koji se održava u isto vrijeme. Rok za prijave je 29. lipanj.
INVITATION to ART COLONY "stART" Split, Croatia 10. - 30. August 2003 workshops: painting, sculpture, theatre Background: Split is the 2nd largest town in Croatia and a cultural center of the Dalmatian region. The main objectives of "stART" are to promote artistic activities in Split, to encourage cooperation with young artists in Split through art workshops and different activities in town (such as performances, installations). The focus will be on creating interactivity with the citizens by inciting their interest for art. Moreover, participants will contribute to the reviving of the Dom Mladih (Cultural Youth Centre) in Split. Finally, they will participate in the international art festival (Creative Chaos Festival) which will take place at the same time. The main feature of "stART" is multiculturalism. Workshops: All 3 workshops (each with 10 international participants) will take place in Cultural Youth Centre and outdoors. At the beginning, every participant will have a presentation of his/her previous work which will include general background of cultural events in his/her country. Presentations will be followed by discussions. In the workshops (painting and sculpture), participants will be assisted by their tutors. Thematic areas and techniques used will change accordingly. At the end, an exhibition of the best works will be organised and the best items will be offered to the town and the sponsors. The result of the theatre workshop will be a play in English. All participants will participate in artistic decoration of KCM (such as wall painting) with a possibility of extension to some other sites in town. Accommodation and food: Participants will be provided with accommodation and meals in students cantina. However, it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag for a longer excursion. Excursions: There will be a few one-day and one longer excursion (several days) in close relation with the artistic activities of the workshop and the cultural background of the region. Possible location is Dubrovnik, with one-day visit to Kotor (Montenegro). The main purpose is to introduce the history and culture by visiting most important historical monuments. Language: Working language will be English. Fluency in English is required especially for the theatre workshop. Special requirements (IMPORTANT): Participants are expected to have a particular experience and skills connected to the field of their application. Participants can be students of academies, artists with diploma or amateurs with experience. Participation fee: 40€ Contact person: Miro Tecilazić +385 91 502 6095 mirotec@yahoo.com Deadline for applications is 29 June 2003.