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Ljetni tečaj - International Production Management for Theatres and Special Events

vrijeme: 25.08.2003. - 27.08.2003.
mjesto: Amsterdam, Nizozemska

Od 25. do 27. kolovoza u Amsterdamu će se održati novi ljetni seminar/tečaj na temu - International Production Management for Theatres and Special Events.
Initiator In association with Felix Meritis Foundation, and financially supported by the Social Transformaton Programme Central and Eastern Europe (Matra) of the Netherlands. Course leader Steven Austen, Permanent Fellow, Felix Meritis Foundation The success of any performing arts programme or activity can only be ensured by the quality of its production management. With the growing tendency towards internationalisation and the necessity for widening the market, traditional production management skills need to be broadened to include skills for working outside national borders. The task of production becomes more complicated as contracts, logistical arrangements, communication, organisational structuring, and additional areas change to accomodate the task of accepting foreign partners, artists and performance groups. Learning about worldwide activities can also help a management team make decisions on economic and artistic options. This course will discuss all of these topics. On the first day, presentations will be made by each of the participants about their own projects or programmes. These presentations will be used by the course leader to draw out from the interventions of the experienced practitioners what most needs to be applied to the participant s particular situation. The presentations will be followed by several accounts from professionals in the field, including their experience with theatre and festival production, touring, technical management, mass audience event management, sponsoring, logistics, and publicity, among other subjects. The last day of the course will include a visit to the Orkater production site in Amsterdam, where the participants will be able to watch a production company at work and visit with specialists in house. This tour will be lead by Marc van Warmerdam, the Director of Orkater. And in the last session, there will be presentations from the participants based on three case studies analysed by three groups. The end presentations will be judged/commented on by a jury of theatre/special event specialists. Preparation Each participant will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their own project or organisation, including the problems, advantages, and goals of the individual and organisation. This questionnaire will be mailed in before the course will begin and will ensure that the course leaders also have a chance to analyse the needs of the group. The participants will also each give a 8-minute presentation about their project or organisation on the first day. Full participation is expected in all of the sessions. In addition, a reader will be distributed at the registration. Applicant Profile The course is designed for theatre and special event managers and producers. Capacity The course is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. Location Sessions will take place at the Felix Meritis Building, Keizesgracht 324, Amsterdam. Course fee €650, includes registration, reader, access to all the sessions, the visit to the Orkater, lunches and coffee, as well ass access tot he cultural programme. Application Please return the completed apllication form (and accomodation form if appropriate) to the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, PO Box 53066, 1007 RB Amsterdam, the Netherlands or by fax: +31 20 6249368 Scholarships A limited number of scholarships (Matra Programme, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs) are available for students from Central and Eastern Europe, and Turkey (course fee and accommodation). These do not cover any travel expenses and are subject to a selection procedure. In order to apply for a scholarship, you need to send in a letter of motivation, together with your application form and recent curriculum vitae. Registration Participants are requested to register on Sunday, 24 August at 16:00 at the Felix Meritis building, located at Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam. Course Coordination If you have further questions you can contact Alana Henry e-mail: alana@mmi.unimaas.nl tel.: +34 650843383 or alternatively the Office Manager e-mail: office@amsu.edu tel.: +31 20 6200225