Izložba: European Art in Tallinn

vrijeme: 22.02.2002. - 24.03.2002.
mjesto: Tallinna Kunstihoone Fond
organizator: Knoll Galerie Wien

"An Artist who does not speak English is not an Artist" (quoted from Mladen Stilinović) Tallinna Kunstihoone Fond poziva vas na otvorenje izložbe "European Art in Tallinn", 22.02.2002.u 20 sati.
"An Artist who does not speak English is not an Artist" (quoted from Mladen Stilinović) European Art in Tallinn February 22 - March 24, 2002 Opening: February 22, 8 P.M. Tallinna Kunstihoone Fond Vabaduse väljak 6 EE-10146 Tallinn t & f +3726448747 email: Participating Artists: Luchezar Boyadjiev (Sofia) Alexander Brener / Barbara Schurz (Moscow, Wien) Róza El-Hassan (Budapest) Kai Kaljo (Tallinn) Roman Ondák (Bratislava) Mladen Stilinović (Zagreb) Milica Tomić (Beograd) Curated by Hans Knoll (Wien & Budapest) Supervision and Realisation by Anu Liivak "Communication" in the reception and the career of artists means something very important: artists and their works need a dense multi-layered network, which developes, carries and maintains the discours around the artworks and their creators. More than 10 years after the fall of the iron courtain the artists in Eastern Europe find themselves in a surrounding, in which many parts of this necessary communication are missing or are not fully developed. Even more: there might be a fundamental difference in the ideas and expectations in the construction of an artists position, both from artists and also from the involved persons and institutions (universities, museums, exhibition spaces, galleries, press, ...). The exhibition assembles artists, who are occupied in their work with the theme "Communication", this whether as a concrete and essential aspect in their artwork. Important in the exhibition is as well that the participating artists are prooving with their artworks, their development and career, how to overpower drawbacks in their surrounding: the selected artists succeed far over their periphereŒ background to be part of the international, centralŒ art discourse (international exhibitions, mass media etc.) -- Knoll Galerie Wien Esterhazygasse 29 A-1060 Wien T +43/1/5875052 F +43/1/5875966 http://www.kunstnet.at/knoll