Project- Macedonia as a culture bridge

vrijeme: 06.06.2002. - 17.06.2002.
mjesto: Samostan “St.Joakim Osogovski”-Kriva Palanka, Macedonia
organizator: Open Society Institute Budapest

Pozivamo umjetnike iz Hrvatske da se prijave na umjetničku koloniju, koja je dio projekta "Macedonia as a culture bridge...", a održat će se u periodu od 6.-17. lipnja 2002. u samostanu "St. Joakim Osogovski", Makedonija.
We would like to contact the artists from Croatia who are interested in participating in the art colony, which is a part of the project “Macedonia as culture bridge between the eastern and the western European culture”, financed by Open Society Institute Budapest, and which will be held from 6 to 17 June in the monastery “St.Joakim Osogovski”-Kriva Palanka, Macedonia. During the colony there will be concerts of classical and ethno music, pannel discussions and promotion of the national cultures of the countries participants. Information about all the conditions for participation in the colony are available on our WEB page www.spectar.org.mk I hope that with this cooperation we will contribute to the better understanding of different cultures and overcoming the prejudices. Sincerely, Metodi Cvetkovski - project coordinator Regional Center of Cooperation SPECTAR Nikola Tesla 57 1330 Kriva Palanka, Republic of Macedonia tel: ++389 31 374 712 Macedonia as culture bridge Regional Center of Cooperation SPECTAR 57 Nikola Tesla street 1330 Kriva Palanka Republic of Macedonia Registration For International Artist Attending Macedonia as culture bridge Kriva Palanka, Macedonia June 6-17, 2002 Where: Monastery St. Joakim Osogovski, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia When: June 6 – 17, 2002 RCC SPECTAR provides: - Housing - Meals - Art Supllies - 4 canvases - Oil paint - Paper - Gesso - Paint thiner - Rags * If you need art supplies other than what is listed above, please let us know and we will attempt to provide them. - Transportation to and from Skopje to the Colony in Kriva Palanka Participating Artist provides: - Transportation to from their country to a Skopje airport or railway station - Two works of art completed at the colony - Biographical Packet – to be used by RCC Spectar for the Catalog and for the promotion of Exhibitions. Should include: - Exhibitions - Resume - Any promotional materials - Catalog of cultural landmarks NOTIFICATION Name of artist: _______________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________________________ E-mail: __________________________________________________