Jazz, Blues, Funk Koncert - Daniella i Saša

vrijeme: 13.03.2004. - 13.03.2004.20 h
organizator: MMC LUKA

U subotu 13. ožujka s početkom u 20 sati u MMC LUKA održat će se Jazz, blues, funk koncert. Nastupaju Daniella i Saša. Ulaz slobodan.
Daniella Singer. Songwriter. From Jazz to Funk, to Rhythm & Blues. From Croatia to New York, and places beyond. From depths of her Soul to the core of your heart. Lead singer of Elvis Stanić Group and Think Positive Band, and recipient of the "Young Jazz Masters Award – Marjan Marjanovic" in her home country of Croatia, Daniella moved to New York two years ago to share her astounding vocal abilities and her exceptional talent as a singer and songwriter with a wider audience. Hers is an extraordinary musical journey, which already includes stopovers and longer stints in clubs, concert halls and various musical venues across Europe, and more recently, in Miami, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and New York. Some listeners might remember Daniella from her numerous appearances on Joe Franklin s Radio Show "Memory Lane" on WOR 710AM; anyone who has ever seen her perform live is sure to remember her unique voice and her immense charisma. Even when she sings the Jazz standards, Daniella goes well beyond fine interpretation, embodying each song, giving it new life, new meanings, deeper significance. In her case, it s not a question of new versions or departures from the original rhythms and melodies, but rather the new dimensions embracing each tune as if they pass through the filters of her amazing talent and her rich and joyful individuality. Eventful and distinguished as it already is, Daniella s musical journey has only just begun. Journalists, music critics and seasoned artists who have had a chance to listen to her are beginning to take notice. "I know that Daniella will go far into stardom", wrote Joe Franklin, one of Television and Radio s most beloved personalities. As the international recording artist James Cannings, ex-bandleader of J.C. Intruders, aptly put it, "it would not be long before she explodes in the Music Industry and become a household name." Daniella arrives in the musical scene, bringing with her an impressive musical repertoire and fields of joy. We will remember her. Juan F. Merino El diario La Prensa, New York Za više informacija vidi: