konferencija, znanstveni skup

Međunarodna konferencija A Portrait of the Artist in 2015.

vrijeme: 08.10.2004. - 10.10.2004.
mjesto: Amsterdam
organizator: European Council of Artists (ECA)

U Amsterdamu će se od 8. do 10. listopada 2004. godine, održavati Međunarodna konferencija pod nazivom "A Portrait of the Artist in 2015", u organizaciji Europskog udruženja umjetnika/European Council of Artists (ECA), namijenjena umjetnicima, studentima umjetnosti te predavačima.

How is professional practice changing for artists within Europe? What contribution do the educational courses make to this? What sort of future expectations have art students and young creative artists? These questions are central to a conference to be held by the European Council of Artists (ECA) in Amsterdam, where artists and art students, as well as those involved in higher arts education will meet for discussions.

A Portrait of the Artist in 2015
Artistic Careers and Higher Arts Education in Europe

The social significance of art is changing. The creative and innovative possibilities of art are increasingly called upon in relation to issues involving quality of life, sustainability and cultural identity. This leads to artists having other roles assigned to them. At the same time, the role of government is undergoing change. As in other sectors, in the arts more and more is given over to (European) market forces and the responsibility of the individual. Borders are becoming blurred, literally between countries and also figuratively, between the arts and other creative professions, between autonomous and applied art, between government and market. All these developments find their way through to the artists’ practice. For artists the business side of the work becomes more important, there is an increasing need for professionalism and international mobility is the order of the day. New countries will soon be joining the EU, of which the Netherlands in July assumes the chair. This expansion will present artists with both chances and mischance - but which?
Forum for artists, art students and lecturers

Research into future prospects forms the thread running through this meeting. Present change suggests the necessity for thorough preparation for the future. Specific attention will be given during the conference to the role of higher arts education. What future expectations have young people currently following arts study programmes? Is there a recognisable European tradition or does the stock-in-trade accumulated by young artists over their time at art school instead vary greatly? The conference will offer both makers of art and those who train artists the opportunity for dialogue. What is their experience concerning the relevance of study programmes to the professional practice of art? The aim: an intensification of exchange between artists throughout the whole of Europe and a stimulant for European higher arts education to properly prepare onrushing artists for fast-changing professional practice.

ECA to Amsterdam
The conference will be held in Amsterdam from 8th to 10th October. A good hundred participants (from the 25 member countries but also from other lands) will meet together in Amsterdam. The official opening of proceedings will take place at the English church on the ancient Begijnhof; over the three days of the conference guests will stay at the Lloyd ‘Culturele Ambassade’ Hotel in the newly developed Eastern Docklands of the city. Workshops will take place on various locations around town. As of tradition, the annual ECA Congress will follow this conference.

‘De Boekmanstichting’ is putting together a preparatory reader in which, looking forward to 2015, artists, art students, art lecturers, scientists and representatives of other areas of society present their views on various subjects including:
Trends: which social developments will prove decisive for the future of the artistic profession and higher arts education?
Visionary images of the future: does the end of the romantic artistic calling also mean the end of authenticity and author’s rights? Is work available for creative generalists in the entertainment industry? What connects artists and scientists apart from the imagination? Are artists able to respond to the need for innovative and interactive content in the digital media? Can artists contribute to a strengthening of the creative factor in other societal domains? Has the time come to return to the concept of the craft?
Artistic projects of the future from various regions of Europe.
Visions and statements from creative artists beyond our borders: what are the dreams, plans and ambitions of (coming) artists?
An exploration of the manner in which artists in different European countries exert influence upon art school curricula from out of their professional practice. Which changes in professional practice do they anticipate?

EU Support
The international ECA meeting is to be organised through a coalition of the Dutch Federation of Artists’ Associations (Federatie van Kunstenaarsverenigingen), the Netherlands Association of Professional Universities and Art Schools (HBO-raad) and foundation De Boekmanstichting. The Federation is a co-operative partnership of 22 Dutch professional associations and trade organisations for musicians, stage artists, visual artists, designers and other disciplines. The Netherlands Association of Professional Universities and Art Schools represents all programmes for higher arts education in the Netherlands; the Boekmanstichting is the Dutch study centre for art, culture and policy. The ECA is a co-operative partnership of twenty European multidisciplinary artists’ organisations of which the Federation is a member. The conference is to be organised with support from the EU. The language of the conference will be English.

For all information concerning programme and the posting of other notices, please visit the special conference website: www.eca2004.nl , or contact us at info@fvkv.nl