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The Best In Heritage 2004 | Dubrovnik

vrijeme: 16.09.2004. - 21.09.2004.
mjesto: Dubrovnik
organizator: European Heritage Association, Zagreb

U Dubrovniku se od 16. do 18. (21.) rujna 2004., treću godinu za redom održava međunarodni skup pod nazivom Najbolji u baštini / The Best In Heritage. Na skupu će, uz nazočnost brojnih sudionika iz cijeloga svijeta (među kojima vrhunskih stručnjaka), biti predstavljeni najbolji muzejski, baštinski i konzervatorski projekti.

U nastavku navodimo pismo koje je inicijator projekta prof. dr. sc. Tomislav Šola uputio muzealcima.

Dear colleagues,

"THE BEST IN HERITAGE" is a major international forum which provides a promotional spotlight on the most professionally creative and educational heritage developments all over the world. Each year we provide an international showcase and presentation forum for over twenty award-winning and innovative projects, and present them to the wider professional public and the international media. It is a unique gathering of heritage expertise and international exchange of ideas. This is not a competition. We do not evaluate these projects or give prizes; - we just present their excellence and share it with the interested, ambitious colleagues.

The gathering provides an international platform of promotion for the most innovative and successful heritage developments internationally. Last year we were 112 from 29 countries (including Brazil, Canada, Iceland, and New Zealand). The participants took the opportunity to see the latest developments and hear the latest thinking on the public presentation of all aspects of heritage in the community. The projects presented are representative of the best work in museums, art galleries, landscape interpretation, historic buildings, communication, presentation and publication.

In keeping with the principal concern of our excellent patrons, we feel that the results of major creative achievements deserve further attention and wider dissemination as learning "by the power of example".

The event is held every September in the beautiful and historic city of Dubrovnik (UNESCO World Heritage Site), with the follow-on event HERITOLOGIA as International Forum of Heritage Studies where we show and discuss innovation and alternative. To obtain further information, or to book your place, please visit our web site www.TheBestInHeritage.com.

Our site (www.TheBestInHeritage.com) is the only database of the awarded projects and even the last moment information of such projects in your country or your professional field might, by their quality and significance, be of interest to us. Similarly, we would be interested to have your recommendations of recent innovative and alternative projects of quality (not necessarily the prize-winners).

We look forward to seeing you in Dubrovnik in September. Those who come regulary already know: Same time, same place, different excellence!


Professor Tomislav Šola
European Heritage Association



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