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Fotografska radionica i seminari 2002.

vrijeme: 26.11.2002. - 30.11.2002.
mjesto: NGO Dom Fotografie Poprad, Namestie sv. Egidia 3633/44, 058 01 Poprad, Slovakia
organizator: NGO House of Photography, Poprad, Slovačka u suradnji sa Tatra Gallery i umjetničkim školama u Slovačkoj i Češkoj

Započele su prijave za fotografsku radionicu i seminare LANDSCAPE / PORTRAIT IN PHOTOGRAPHY 2002. koji će se održati u Popradu, Slovačka u periodu od 26.- 30 studenog 2002. Natječaj je otvoren za umjetnike iz Istočne Europe i Azije.
Aplikacije potražite na: LANDSCAPE / PORTRAIT IN PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS DF 2002 PHOTOGRAPHIC WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS 2002 DOM FOTOGRAFIE,POPRAD, November 26th - November 30th 2002 Workshop fees: $ 150 (includes portfolio review) Participants from Eastern Europe and Asia: 2.500,- SKK Registration at DF: Tuesday, November 26. till 8.00 p.m. Evaluation and final exhibition at DF: Saturday, November 30, till 8.00 p.m. WORKSHOPS are an educational project organised by NGO House of Photography, Poprad, Slovakia in cooperation with Tatra Gallery and art-schools in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Topical workshops on “Landscape / Portrait in Photography” are run by internationaly established photographers:  JOZEF ČESLA, Slovakia / PORTRAIT FOR THE BEGINNERS  ROBO KOČAN, Slovakia / PORTRAIT  MICHAEL BUHLER, Switzerland / CITY LANDSCAPE  ROLF ROCK, Germany / LANDSCAPE (analog and digital)  JANUSZ LESNIAK, Poland / LANDSCAPE I. Presentations and seminars:  PRESENTATIONS by the Workshops lecturers  SEMINARS: „Another Landscape“ in contemporary Slovak photography – Mgr. Lucia Benická, DF „Theatre of the Life / Dance of the Death“ – Mgr. Lucia Benická, DF  PORTFOLIO REVIEWS  SHOOTING with HAMA Slovakia company / specific products of the lighting equipment for use in the studio and landscape photography It is assumed that students in all courses (except for the course for beginners) are self-sufficient in the black and white process!!! Institutions and companies supporting the project: OZ DOM Fotografie POPRAD, FOTOMAT – FUJI Slovakia, FOMA Slovakia, CANON, Slovakia, HAMA Slovakia, EPSON Slovakia, ŠFK Pro Slovakia, Poľský Inštitút, Nadácia Pro Helvetia, City of POPRAD, DIART Agency Bratislava Majormedia partner: RADIO EXPRES, Bratislava Media partners: RÁDIO VÝCHOD Prešov, RÁDIO REGINA, Košice, RÁDIO LUMEN Banská Bystrica, Foto-video Praha, časopis FOTOTIP, , časopis WATT, noviny POPRAD, Tatranský denník, Agentúra SITA, MARKÍZA teletext Information / applications: DOM FOTOGRAFIE, Tel.: 00421- 52-7723 818 Fax:00421-52-788 76 02, Mobil: 00421 - 905-974 855, E-Mail: Author of the project : LUCIA BENICKÁ LANDSCAPE / PORTRAIT IN PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS DF 2002 / PHOTOGRAPHIC WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS 2002 DOM FOTOGRAFIE, POPRAD, November 26th - November 30th 2002 Workshop No. 1 JOZEF ČESLA, Slovakia / PORTRAIT FOR BEGINNERS The workshop will focus on the portrait studio photography, teaching and improving of technical skills of black & white photography. Group limitation: 6 students Jozef Česla (1950, Spišská Nová Ves) has taken up for photography since 1966. In 1999 he began working in the field of advertising photography. His free-lance work is focused on landscape photography. His solo exhibits were shown in Slovakia ( Stará Ľubovňa, Sp. N. Ves, Dom fotografie in Poprad), Poland ( Slovak Institut in Warszaw) and in other countries (Russia). Workshop No. 2 ROBO KOČAN, Slovakia / PORTRAIT Free portrait photography with emphasis given to art reflection: from pure photography through collages, montages up to experiment. Work in the professional studio using profi-lighting equipment and products of HAMA Slovakia company Group limitation: 10 students ROBO KOČAN (1968, Poprad),he studied at Secondary School of Applied Arts in Košice. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in 1996. He studied also at The Nottingham Trend University in Great Britain and at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Dijon (France). He lives in Poprad and he has taken part on many individual and group exhibitions all over the world. Workshop No. 3 MICHAEL BUHLER, Switzerland / CITY LANDSCAPE The workshop is designed to understand the rhytm of the town and to show the different faces of it. According to the subject, Michael will combine black & white with color photography: B&W for outspace of the city and color for inner spaces – views of the windows into the outer town. Basically, the works will be constructed in a conceptual way into the diptychs. Group limitation: 10 students MICHAEL BUHLER (1963, Switzerland), from 1984 – 1989 working as a teacher in ground schools and gyms. From 1990 – 1993 teaching in high schools subjects ”black & white photography and darkroom”. 1999/2000/2001 course in ”centro culturale” (svizzera italiana): photography as a personal medium of expression. 2001 course for managers: ”how I realise an exhibition in 12 hours at a little town. He has participated in the following exhibitions concerning architecture: 1990 ”architecture”, 1994 ”a room in a room”, 1999 ”architecture of a spa”, 1999 ”berlin” building site of the future?. Workshop No. 4 ROLF ROCK, Germany / LANDSCAPE (analog a digital) PAVOL BREZOVSKÝ / technical advisory Workshop is focused on composition and aesthetics of the image: it is fully equiped with CANON digital cameras and related devices. The aim of photographic workshop is to introduce the structure and composition of the image through theory and practice. Group limitation: 6 students ROLF ROCK (1951 Germersheim, Germany). He graduated from the Art Academy in Saarbruck department of art photography in 1980. He worked as a freelancer from 1980 to 1997. Rolf Rock was the winner of the German photo championship 1977 and is a member from FIAP since 1981 (Title: EFIAP). He has participated on more than hundred international exhibitions around the world and has got more than 20 gold medals. He was often member of the jury in several international Salons and has good experience like an image observer. Additionally he had a lot of own exhibitions in private and public galleries. The main topics of his work are portraits and impressionistic landscape photography. Since 1998 he lives and works as the art director and photographer in Diart-Agency s.r.o in Bratislava. CANON in Slovakia is represented by its general manager Ing. Pavol Brezovský. He has been representing company since 2000. He is involved in technical consulting and sales of cameras. Since 2001, Mr Brezovsky has been cooperating with the House of Photography in the following fields: technical support and production of the projects as well as advertising. Mr Brezovsky takes a part in preparation and coordination of photographic workshops at Dom fotografie, he has been consulting and presenting the technical issues of CANON products and helping to equip the workshops with appropriate CANON technical devices. Workshop No. 5 JANUSZ LESNIAK, Poland / LANDSCAPE I. The workshop under the title „Magical landscape“ will deal with issues of photography „phylosophy“ and mystery in photography. Students will focus on surface (the outside) and the content (the inside) of the photography. Discovering the other way to see the image composition and to express spirit of a place. JANUSZ LESNIAK (1947, Krakow). Took part in tens of group exhibitions. 15 individual exhibitions. Works in collections of: Museum of Art in Lodž, National Museum in Wroclaw, Museum of History in Krakow, Centre of Photography in Geneve, Museum of Fine Arts in Hudson, Museum of Moderm Art in New York and in private collections in Poland, Germany, England, Canada and USA.