PERIPHERIES - PERIFERIJE, Quebec: kanadska suvremena umjetnicka scena

vrijeme: 23.10.2002. - 23.10.2002.20:00 sati

U sklopu programa Peripheiries - Periferije, koji traje od 23.10. - 9.11. u srijedu ce biti prikazan video program THE RENEWAL OF DOCUMENTARY.
O programu: THE RENEWAL OF DOCUMENTARY (1h30) Nana, George and Me, Joe Balass, 1997, 48 :00 What do you get when you ask your 92 year-old Nana and a 72 year-old man you hae just met questions you have only dared to dream of? You get Nana, George & Me, a funny, intimate, sometimes shocking and always heartwarming look at two Iraqi Jewish lives—one a traditionally raised woman and the other a completely unconventional gay man. Best of Festival Award, Out On Screen Film & Video Festival, Vancouver 1997 Best Video Documentary, Télé-Québec Award, at Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 1998, Montréal Nominee, The M. Joan Chalmers Documentarian Award, Canada, 1998 Cut the Parrot, Donigan Cumming, 1996, 40 :00 The police message on the machine said he was dead. The tape unwinds through the stories of sex for rent, unclaimed bodies, cigarettes burns and other monuments of life s long run from wall to wall. Three grotesque comedies in one.