Izložba: SHOCK & SHOW. Reality & alternatives

vrijeme: 5.7.2002. - 31.7.2002.18 -21 h
mjesto: Trst, Italija
organizator: GRUPPO 78 I.C.A, Trst

Hrvatski umjetnici Bachrach Krisotfic i Igor Kuduz sudjeluju na medjunarodnoj izlozbi suvremene umjetnosti "SHOCK & SHOW. Reality & alternatives" u Trstu, Italija.
SHOCK & SHOW. Reality & alternatives Hrvatski umjetnici Bachrach Krisotfic i Igor Kuduz na medjunarodnoj izlozbi suvremene umjetnosti - Trst, Italija Gdje: Slovenian Civic Theatre, General Consulate of Croatia, Studio Tommaseo, Il Planetario Gallery, C-Zone, LipanjePuntin Gallery, Juliet Gallery, Miela Theatre, Trieste Kada: July 5 ­ 31, 2002 Vrijeme: 18.00-21.00 (weekdays) Kuratorica: Maria Campitelli Medjunarodna izlozba suvremene umjetnosti łSHOCK & SHOW. Reality & alternatives˛ pocinje u petak 05.07., uzastopnim otvorenjima na 8razlicitih lokacija po gradskom sredistu. Prvo otvorenje se dogadja u Slovenskom narodnom kazalistu/Slovenian Civic Theatre, ulica Petronio u 17 sati, zatim u Veleposlanstvu Hrvatske/ General Consulate of Croatia ulica Piazza Goldoni 9 (3-ci kat)u 18 sati, Studio Tommaseo, via del Monte 2/1 u 19 sati, Planetario Gallery, ulica Filzi, 4 u 20 sati, C-Zone ulica Palestrina 1 (prvi kat)u 21 sat , LipanjePuntin Gallery ulica Diaz, 4 u 22 sata, Juliet Gallery ulica Madonna del Mare, 6 (3-ci kat) u 23 sata i Miela Theatre u ulici Duca degli Abruzzi, 3 u ponoc. Na izlozbi sudjeluju: Dinos & Jake Chapman (London), Orlan (Paris), Pierre et Gilles (Paris), Genia Chef (Moscow/Berlin), Ricardo Cinalli (Argentina), Oleg Kulik (Moscow), Zhang Huan (China), Richard Crow (London), Sergej Bratkov (Moscow), Robert Gligorov (Macedonia/Italy), Erwin Olaf (Netherlands), Fritz Kok (Netherlands), Sandy Skoglund, Paul Smith (London) Goran Bertok (Ljubjana), Dean Verzel (Kapodistria), Bachrach & Kristofic (Zagreb), Igor Kuduz (Zagreb), Elke Krystufek (Vienna), Francesco Impellizzeri (Rome), Francesco Scialň (Reggio Calabria), Antonella Bersani (Milan), Ennio Bertrand (Torino), Fabiano Di Cocco (Florence), Giuseppe De Cesco (Udine), Guillermo Giampietro (Rosario/Trieste), Lorena Matic (Trieste), Paolo Ravalico Scerri (Trieste). PRESS REALISE In the contemporary international art scene there is a tendency to astound the viewer with Śstrongą events that emphasise the spectacular and extreme. Causing a sensation, stirring up emotions, upsetting public opinion and digging into the dark side of the human spirit seems to be the aim of many artists. This approach to art was consecrated by the ŚSensationą exhibition in London, in 1997, followed by ŚApocalypseą in 2000. The ŚShock & Shową exhibition does not intend to Śdiscoverą this form of art, which has already fully emerged. Instead, it wishes to investigate this way of conceiving and making art, and through a group of representative artists examine this extreme expression which corresponds to the pursuit of strong sensations in other areas, such as sports, the performing arts and cinema. This need for strong emotions which humanity seems so intent upon today, in preference to so-called Śnormal sensations, seems to have been satisfied by recent terrible events ­ and, in particular, the attack of September 11, 2001 - which in their chilling reality seem to go well beyond any form of figuration, however fantastic and provocative. Nevertheless, in the messages and metaphors of certain artists there appear disturbing premonitory signals, in keeping with a prophetic and visionary attitude which has always characterised art. In addition to illustrating this tendency, which in any case is little known or practised in our city, the exhibition wishes to engage in a critical analysis, exploring the influences and new interpretations which may have contributed to artists of the most recent generation choosing this way of making art. The intention is to initiate a debate on these issues, while identifying alternative itineraries. The exhibitionąs novelty consists in its numerous locations, with the participation of 4 private galleries: LipanjePuntin, Planetario, Spazio Juliet, Studio Tommaseo and other exposition spaces such as the General Consulate of Croatia, the Miela Theatre, the Slovenian Civic Theatre and C-Zone. The inauguration will be enlivened by the performances of Richard Crow at the Slovenian Theatre (5pm) and Francesco Impellizzeri at C-Zone (9pm), and Paolo Ravalico Scerriąs video event and performance at the Miela Theatre (midnight). Please distribute GRUPPO 78 I.C.A. Via Monte Cengio, 11 - 34127 TRIESTE tel+fax 040-567136 cell. 339-8640784 m.campitelli@iol.it PRESS OFFICE & INFO Comunicarte (Edda Battigelli) via P. L. da Palestrina, 1 - 34100 Trieste tel. 040 3728526, cell. 328 1587290 fax 040 3475839 mail@comunicarte.info